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Transforming Ideas into Immersive Spaces

Unmatched Architectural Design Services in Michigan

In today’s fast-paced commercial arena, business owners and property developers often need help finding a reliable partner who can efficiently translate their vision into a functional building design. They need a trusted architectural firm that delivers innovative designs and understands construction constraints and the importance of timely project deliveries.

Schonsheck, Inc. is a name you can trust! With a rich portfolio spanning decades, we are ready to bring a unique synthesis of creativity, practicality, and technical acumen to your next commercial construction project in Oakland, MI. Our capable architects and experienced project managers flawlessly handle all facets of architectural design – from space planning and conceptualization to mechanical engineering and construction documents.

Exquisite Execution of Modern Architectural Concepts

Beyond structurally sound and appealing design, a successful commercial building project demands effective and reliable engineering solutions. Missteps in this crucial planning phase can lead to costly modifications later, hampering your operations or even jeopardizing the integrity of the entire project.

At Schonsheck, Inc., we understand the importance of this. Our engineering services include structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering and fire protection design. Coupled with our extensive building knowledge, we provide efficient, cost-effective solutions that align perfectly with your project goals and long-term business strategies.

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Architectural Design FAQs

At Schonsheck, Inc., we provide a comprehensive suite of services associated with the architectural design process. These services include:

  • Programming: Outlining client’s needs, space requirements, functionality, and budget considerations to develop a detailed project “program.”
  • Conceptual Design: Developing early-stage ideas and sketches to establish overall building aesthetics and space relationships.
  • Schematic Design: Creating more refined sketches or digital models to show the project’s general design direction, layout, and scale.
  • Existing Facilities Surveys: Inspecting existing buildings for their architectural, structural, and mechanical conditions, particularly essential for renovation or expansion projects.
  • Construction Documents: Generating comprehensive, detailed drawings and written documents that outline the scope of work, materials, construction procedures, and the systems to be installed.
  • Structural Engineering: Designing the structural components of a building, such as beams, columns, and foundations, to ensure its stability and safety.
  • Plant Layout: Arranging machinery, equipment, and workstations in a manufacturing or production facility to promote efficiency and safety.
  • Detailed Specifications: Producing detailed descriptions of materials, workmanship, and methods required for the construction, complementing the construction drawings.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Designing the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) systems, water supply, and sanitation to make the building functional and comfortable.
  • Electrical Engineering: Planning and designing the electrical systems, including the lighting, power distribution, and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Fire Protection Design: Developing a plan and systems to protect the building, its inhabitants, and the environment from fire incidents.
  • Space Planning: Organizing the layout of interior spaces to suit function, flow, aesthetics, and human interaction.
  • Interior Design: Creating functional, safe, and visually cohesive indoor spaces through color schemes, finishes, furniture, and fittings.
  • Renderings & Models: Providing visual representations of the proposed design through two- or three-dimensional images and scale models.

Schonsheck, Inc. stands apart in Michigan through our exceptional commitment to quality, customer service, and sustainable practices. Our talented architects and design professionals craft aesthetically appealing architectural solutions, prioritizing commercial structures’ functionality while considering environmental sensitivity. Using the latest technology and innovative construction methods, Schonsheck shapes Michigan’s commercial landscape with structures that seamlessly blend design and utility.

We offer comprehensive services—from conceptualization to realization, ensuring smooth communication, transparency, and efficient project completion. When choosing Schonsheck, you’re choosing a reliable partner to realize your property’s full potential.

Yes! Our team at Schonsheck, Inc. prides itself on our versatility. We have worked on a broad range of commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more. No matter the complexity or uniqueness of your project’s requirements, our experienced design team is prepared to deliver a design that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

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