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Comprehensive Commercial Construction Services in Oakland County, MI

Commercial construction projects present numerous challenges on multiple levels from concept to completion. Schonsheck, Inc., a leading design-build and general contracting company in Oakland County, MI, helps businesses navigate these complexities with a comprehensive approach to turn an idea into reality.

The problem many businesses face when embarking on a construction project is selecting the right partner who can deliver a seamless experience, high-quality results, and a finished product that meets their vision. Schonsheck, Inc. offers comprehensive design-build and general contracting services, simplifying the construction process by consolidating responsibilities and streamlining communication.

Decades of Experience Across Various Industries

Commercial construction projects often require specialized knowledge of a wide range of industries. Schonsheck, Inc. has been mastering the ins and outs of each sector for over 38+ years, ensuring that your project perfectly suits your industry.

Whether retail, manufacturing, or healthcare, our commercial general contractors have your back. Our experience spans various industries, resulting in a vast portfolio showcasing our innovative designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and strong attention to detail.

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Schonsheck, Inc. brings more than 38+ years of experience in commercial construction, offering industry-leading expertise in creating spaces built well and purposefully designed to drive your business objectives forward. We are an employee-owned company, fostering a culture of commitment and accountability that guarantees the success of your project. From pre-construction services to design and build, our commercial contractors manage the entire process efficiently so you can focus on your Oakland County business while we bring your vision to life.

Our team at Schonsheck, Inc. has expertise across a wide range of commercial construction projects, such as offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, and other custom commercial builds. Our portfolio spans multiple industries and sectors, showcasing our adaptability and comprehensive construction knowledge. Regardless of your project’s size or complexity, Schonsheck, Inc. is equipped to deliver quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At Schonsheck, Inc., we understand the importance of managing costs in commercial construction, so we incorporate cost control into every stage of our process. Through thoughtful planning, accurate estimating, and diligent project management, we ensure your project stays on budget without compromising quality. Our team is committed to providing you with clear, regular communication about costs throughout the project, ensuring there are no surprise expenses.

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